Our second consignment of wheel rims this year arriving direct from the factory. Need a fresh rim for the New Year? Make a note of the tyre size and call us 01823 681131.

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If you are looking to buy a new rim, there are a couple of basic measurements you can take that will help us quickly find the right rim for you. Please click on the diagram below. First make a note of the tyre size, and then make the two measurements shown in the diagram, and then call us with your enquiry 01823 681131.

How to measure your rim

We are pleased to present our new Wheel Catalogue 2011/2012. Covering tractor wheels (2WD/4WD), trailer wheels, rims, centres, and implement wheels, it’s all here. We have an extensive range of stock, all housed in our new custom-built warehouse. This PDF version is designed to be printed out and stapled together to make your own personal hard-copy catalogue. Or give us a call and we will send you one in the post. Click on the link below to view the catalogue.

Wheel Catalogue_2011_2012

Independent Agri-Parts Co. is pleased to announce the addition of Fordson Major rims to our extensive wheel rims and complete units catalogue. Four years in the making, involving working with local Culm Valley manufacturing in order to get the lugs made to the correct specification, and assembled in-house. Available from December ’11 onwards at a price of £225+VAT. Phone and place your order. Supplied as rim and lugs only, in primer grey.

Great to meet many of you at Honiton Show this year. Five boxes of pasties were consumed and many enquiries fielded. See you in 2012!

As machinery technology improves, round balers and square balers are not producing much denser bales, and as tractors have improved with first 30kph now 40kph, we have all forgotten that some of our older trailers have wheels and tyres that were only expected to travel at approx. 15-20 mph and not 6 miles up or down the road. So you are all telling us the older tyres will not stick the workload of todays farmers and machinery. So we have come up with a sensibly-priced answer: we have put a commercial lorry tyre on an agricultural rim,  6 or 8 stud. This seems to have stopped the problem you were having.  So what do we get for our money you ask? You get a good second-hand or a blemished tyre on a new rim (occasionally re-cut tyres) but a great improvement for just £189.00 (price correct at time of printing).

I’m guessing from the number of haybob gates and tines that we have sold in the last month youm all hoping to make some hay. We sell most things here but grass and sunshine I’ve not managed to source yet in boxes. Good luck with your silage making and hay-making, and remember if you break down….